HMF Cranes

Knuckleboom Cranes


Long Boom Cranes (Wallboard)


About HMF Cranes

Innovative design based on user experience

•Reduced overall dimensions of crane for full utilization of the truck body

•Very low tare weight for maximum loading capacity

•Designed with internal hose routing for a clean design and protection from external damage

Focus on stability and safety

•Highly tested stability functions.

•EVS - Electronic Vehicle Stability - is a unique, patented stability system,
which is considered as one of the best in the market.

•EVS monitors stability during operation and has a simple operation mode

•The system is compliant with the European Norm EN 12999 safety standards

Dedicated to quality

•More than 70 years of development, user experience and comprehensive testing in every crane.

•This is combined with end-to-end quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process.

•Prototypes go through 150,000 lifts with a load moment of 125%

•Quality control of all components and we are ISO 9001 certified


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